Fresh Juice


By October 17, 2017 No Comments

Earlier this month, Romeo Moon and Twin Haus collaborated to release a 10” vinyl with each band lending a track to the project. The result of this partnership, as I’m sure you would have guessed, are two stellar tracks that I guarantee you’ll love. Traditionally, Twin Haus and Romeo Moon are two pretty different bands. TH tend to spend their time splashing through psychedelic rock pools and whilst RM’s catalogue, from time to time, dips its toes in similarly hazy pools, they’re are far better known for wading in more acoustic, folky waters. Regardless both tracks on this 10” culminate to create an immersive, explorative sonic journey (apologies for the cliche but it’s true) and it’s with great pleasure that we share with you a live cut of Romeo Moon’s slice of the pie.

Panning across a dusky sunset, one member from RM and TH deliver a harrowing live version of Feelin’ above the bustle of a busy Melbourne street which, in its raw subtlety, actually embellishes the recording filling empty space with a distant whir of passing cars. Whilst the studio-recorded version of Feelin’ (linked here) has many more layers to it, today’s Juice is perhaps more ghostly in its sparsity. It’s captivating, unique and unveils an unforeseen side to Feelin’ that I wouldn’t blame you for preferring to the original. Stripped back to a single vocalist and two guitars (one of which actually harmonise the vocals) this introspective number will help you surpass the hump and slide toward the weekend. Enjoy.