Fresh Juice


By January 15, 2018 January 16th, 2018 No Comments

Photo: Jake Ollett

2017 no longer lingers and 2018 no longer looms. We have surpassed the hazy two week grace period that comes around at the beginning of every year and have entered into the earliest stages of being able to characterise 2018 as it’s own beast. Whilst it’s a lil too early to identify traits and trends unique to 2018’s soundscape, we can certainly start mapping out the songs we will look back on in 11 months as highlights of the year. So, in an effort to kick-start this process and help shake the dust off from yesteryear, we will reconvene the steady stream of Fresh Juice’s from today onwards. To get the ball rolling let’s have a geez at an up and coming five-piece from Sydney called Publique and their new track, Suppression.

Similar to a few songs that were featured on their 2017 debut ep, Outlying Self, Suppression utilises a heavy, catchy baseline as the foundation for the song that ensues. Much like the definition of today’s song title, Suppression is a gritty slow burner that wavers in tensity. Each verse- both lyrically and instrumentally- gains a lot of momentum before releasing all the pent up angst with a shouted, thrashing chorus. Whilst you’d probably identify these dudes as a punk outfit they too possess some shoegaze sensibilities courtesy of the Lush, guitar that remains as a constant in many of Publiques tracks. Be sure to keep an eye on these guys in 2018.