Fresh Juice


By January 16, 2018 No Comments

Shame had a real break out year in 2017 and rightfully so. The South Londoners have managed to craft a unique sound that’s built from a versatile frontman’s ability to sing a number of different styles, as well as the remarkable musicianship the other band members utilise in accommodating these varying styles. At times Shame is righteous and relentless, at others they are reserved, heartfelt and sincere and today’s juice undoubtedly falls under Shame’s softer category. Sharing some similarities with groups like the Dead Pretties and The Fall, It’s no wonder these five dudes have risen through the ranks as fast as they have and I am tearing at the seems to see their Laneway set. That said I’ll be very interested to see how they will translate such dynamic album into a live performance. The last song featured on their debut LP, Songs of Praise is called Angie and it’s the second Fresh Juice to be squeezed in 2018.

Angie is a very sad song that discusses some intense subject matter so do take that into consideration before listening. It’s a reminder of life’s fragility and how precious the memories are that we have of those we have lost. The soundscape in Angie seamlessly evolves from verse to verse and so too does the vocal component of Angie. From a solo Baritone growl, the track traverses to a pitch-perfect falsetto harmony. It’s a heart-wrenching story delivered in the most descriptive and articulate way possible and does a really good job in rounding off an energetic debut album in a thought-provoking way.