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By January 17, 2018 No Comments

Rejoice! Frankie Cosmos is a solo act no more! Actually, rejoice might be a touch too strong considering that Frankie Cosmos was baller as a solo project for Greta Kline. Last week, Greta and the Cosmos gang announced Vessel, their first LP since signing to the legendary legends over at Sub Pop. This album will also be the first to be recorded as a band, not just Kline and a few collaborators along the way. ‘Jesse’ is real indication of how the ‘band’ version of Frankie Cosmos exists – the first single from the upcoming long play sounds full-er, the softly sounding arrangement from previous arrangements is replaced by almost a classic rock instrumentation. And yet, its role as accompaniment to Kline’s raw, emotive and still, softly spoken, vocals is not lost. At no point, do these catchy-as-fuck lines overpower the songwriting. If anything, they only add an extra power behind them. Greta’s words are now even more captivating.

Vessel is out March 30 via Sub Pop.