Fresh Juice


By January 18, 2018 No Comments

Fuckin’ kids these days, ya know. With their fidget spinners, and their man’s not hots and their exceptional dream-pop creations. The latest young person that is making me feel bad about my own skill-set is 20Y.O Nashville native, Sophie Allison, also known as Soccer Mommy. Born out of the DIY-Bandcamp-upload-random-guitar-demos scene, Soccer Mommy has moved up into the big leagues with her new LP, Clean, and this brand spankin’ new single, ‘Your Dog’. This track is proper captivating, for her first release with a full band backing, Allison’s ability to control every element is evident. Each piece of this tale bubbles away, creating a flow of melancholy that backs her vocals. With heavy lyrical themes (and lines like “I don’t wanna be your fuckin’ dog” to match), the tension and anger is approached with a light touch. It’s intelligent songwriting, as it captures you with its lo-fi soundscape and keeps you there locked up with her “soft anger” (as Allison puts it). Watch out for one of the first great releases of 2018 come March.

Clean is out March 2 via Fat Possum Records/Inertia Music.