Fresh Juice


By December 8, 2017 April 2nd, 2018 No Comments

The only thing standing between you and the weekend is a Friday evening which in itself is a pretty exciting prospect. But what would you say if your wish for an early weekend could be granted by simply counting to five? Well, you’d most likely make the count- begrudgingly that is- wait a few seconds then proceed to replace your feelings of disappointment with hostility and resentment for falling victim to what would appear to be some kind of sick joke- some disingenuous trickery. But let me assure there is no Tomfoolery going on here. Rhye’s new track is called Count To Five and even if you’re snowed under at work, give it a spin and let your mind- if only for a moment- revel in those end of the week feels.

Now, these dudes are no foreigners to funk and by no means are they strangers to soul but god damn! Count To Five might just be the nicest fusion of the two genres that we’ve heard from the L.A based duo. Milosh’s seemingly impossible pitch and prolific songwriting is embellished by Hannibal’s multi-instrumental prowess. The two artists provide each other with the perfect amount of space. Having such an intimate knowledge of each other’s artistry, both dudes know when to go in and when to let their partner take the reins. The main source of funk switches from base to tubs and the falsetto fills the soul with all the goodness it needs. Friday’s are best spend listening to track’s like this, so spend your Friday listening to this track.