Fresh Juice


By December 7, 2017 No Comments

Your Thursday’s Fresh Juice, is courtesy of a 19-year-old producer called e4444e emerging out of Newcastle. In my quest to find some information on this dude, Google kept on insisting that I was after E-40 but the Bay area rapper is packing one too many zeros and not enough Es. A few tweaks later and I landed on e4’s unearthed page where I was able to ascertain well, not too much than what was previously mentioned. But! What I did find is a few of his older tracks and I got to say, this dude is a talent and is flying well and truly below the radar.

E4444e’s music is as peculiar as his name. If you were to judge this dude on The Oarsmen/ today’s Juice alone, I’d say he’d slot rather comfortably into the realm of experimental pop. Ripe with unpredictability, The Oarsmen will have you on your guard right from the get-go. A modular Synth kicks the song into gear but just when you think you’re heading into the upside down the breaks are pumped and you’re met with a slow sleepy jam that resides for majority of the song. At times the Juice is stripped of all it’s layers leaving behind only vocals and rudimentary drum programming. Then without warning the track is flooded with overlapping harmonies and bobbing synth melodies. If you dig the electronic duo Fishing then jump in The Oarsmen’s boat and cast a line. And if you’re into (Sandy) Alex G then, well I have no pun for you but I know you will vibe this Novocastrian’s unique brand of electronica.