Fresh Juice


By November 7, 2018 No Comments

Since Mall Grab dropped his striking 2017 Pool Party Music EP, I’ve been hunting down producers creating upbeat, sun-soaked house like a dog on heat. Through this search, Belgium producer Ricky Razu has popped onto the radar, recently releasing a pair of lovely singles in ‘Reaching Out’ and ‘Moonlight Jam’. If those tracks and their apt titles don’t ooze with good vibes, I don’t know what does. Now, Ricky is back, sharing the title-track from his forthcoming debut EP, Cycles.

Unlike his recent singles, Ricky skilfully intertwines a little gloominess into this pumping house gem. The way Ricky develops and adds layers into the mix is something to marvel. ‘Cycles’ begins unassumingly with twinkling synths and a hushed vocal sample, almost resembling a gentle lullaby. A touch of melancholy is added through a stunning traditional piano melody. The surging beat kicks in with classic house percussion and the formula is complete: it’s pure Fresh Juice. Then, a saxophone drops in unexpectedly over the pumping bassline to put the cherry on top. It’s a truly phenomenal track.

Ricky’s Cycles EP will be dropping later this month through Houseum Records. Don’t sleep on it.