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By November 8, 2018 No Comments

First off, I just want to say sorry. I’m sorry for a lot of things, and I mean, we’re all sorry in some way or another. I’m sorry that when I was younger I ran out on a cab, and I’m sorry that another time I spray painted profanities on the walls of a primary school. And to be honest, the apologies extend into my music taste. I’m sorry that I slept on PC Music. I’m sorry that for a while I was into Muse. I’m sorry that my writing is so poor. I’m sorry that my music writing has next to no criticism involved. I’m sorry that you’re here reading this. I’m sorry that I believe that music peaked in 2008. I’m also sorry that I haven’t covered UK’s Sorry before. I’m sorry that their new single ‘Starstruck’ isn’t being rinsed around the country. I’m sorry that the creeping, suspect guitar lines will pique your curiosity, and I’m sorry that lead singer Asha Lorenz’s ooze a swarmy yet endearing darkness. I’m sorry that this is a complete earworm and I’m sorry you’re going to get addicted to the grungy tones and light/heavy juxtapositions of Sorry. I mean, that’s life right? A string of meaningless apologies and then you die? Sorry.

‘Starstruck’ is out now via Domino Recording Co.