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By November 17, 2018 No Comments

There’s something oddly familiar about Grapetooth. When listening to ‘Blood’, the most recent single from the Chicago two-piece’s debut Self-Titled LP, you’re hit with hazy nostalgia. It might have to do with the 1:1, VHS-styled, strobing video clip, but its echoic vocals, rave-y keywork or synth-pop lines, you really can’t help feel like this is the shit the people you wanted to know danced to in the 80s / early 90s. You know, those super cool, trendsetting types that you see from a distance. You can feel they’re doing something fun nearby, something that will soon be the next big thing, but their life is also completely unattainable. And eventually, you give up and wait for the masses to catch on. Because that’s what you are, one of the masses. A blurry grey piece of fabric in the tapestry of 20th century society…. Anyway, what was this about again? Whatever. ‘Blood’ is super fun. Grapetooth are super fun. Someone send ’em to Australia soon please.

Grapetooth’s self-titled debut full length out now, via Polyvinyl.