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By November 19, 2018 No Comments

Man, if you think back to the early (glory) days of Australia’s indie scene, the names of semi-successful bands flood into my mind and take me to back to the early (also glory) days of I OH YOU (nah, our glory days are every damn day, son). Names like Neon Love, Comic Sans, In Tongues, Hunting Grounds, Parades, Red Riders, Mercy Arms et al that shaped my listening so dramatically in my formative years. One of those acts was certainly Gold Fields, and for whatever reason, come late 2018 (a full 8 or so years since they burst onto the scene with their jungle beats and heavily percussive pop jams), they’re back with ‘Glow’! The super poppy ‘Indie’ sounds have given way for what you can say is matured (because it’s been almost a decade), textured songwriting. ‘Glow’ is an expansive 5 to 8 minute listen, that spans Tame Impala-esque psych, throw-back disco grooves wrapped up in a very familiar Gold Fields percussive beat. Strap yourself in for Gold Fields 2.0.

Gold Fields’ Glow EP is out now.