Fresh Juice


By November 21, 2018 No Comments

Disclaimer: I’ve been meaning to write about this since it dropped, apologies for the delay fans of the official I OH YOU Blog. Alright, so Huntly have been nailing their self-penned ‘doof to cry to’ vibe for a few years now, but their emotive bangers have never been as emotive and banging than this new jam, ‘Wiggle’. The track is built around a simple, bubbling percussive line and classic club beat, but the way both Elspeth and Charlie bounce their vocals off each other is perfection, the counter melodies (feels like light vs dark in a way) are super refreshing and act as the real centerpieces of ‘Wiggle’. It’s hard not to nod, bop or straight up dance away to this one. It’s subtle, sinister and hits ya right in the feels. Let’s hit the doof then, I’ll see ya front left for a good cry, yeah?

‘Wiggle’ is out now via Barely Dressed Records / Remote Control Records.