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By March 4, 2019 No Comments

Shlohmo is one of the first artists I found myself listening to when the ‘beats’ scene started to reach Australia, alongside other legends like Ryan Hemsworth, Groundislava, RL Grime… okay so just the original WeDidIt crew apparently. But as music always does, it moves on, and the ‘beats’ scene of 7-8 years ago doesn’t really exist anymore. Whilst he had his moments with the 2015 True Panther backed Dark Red, this new iteration of Shloh feels like the perfect blend of what he built himself on, and what beats can be in 2019. With its brooding as hell trap-beats, heavy bass rumbling through, ‘Rock Music’ brings back those memories of 2011. But once that harsh, almost hardcore inspired riff hits the front of the mix, you quickly realise this is unlike any ‘beats’ before it. Let’s hope this apocalyptic sound is the beginning of new era of the scene.

Shlohmo’s new LP, The End, is out March 22 via Friends Of Friends/WeDidIt.