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By June 9, 2017 June 20th, 2017 No Comments

I think it’s safe to say that The Creases forthcoming LP, Tremelow, is one of the most anticipated albums of 2017 which in turn, makes them one of the hottest bands in Aus right now. Today’s Juicy feature not only lends credit to this claim but is also tangible evidence that supports today’s cliche statement that The Creases’ music has “come a long way”. Now, this platitude can often come across as either patronising or a space filler in track review but, in the context of today’s Juice it works rather nicely as a bit of double entendre. Firstly, today’s track, Is It Love, is yet another example that shows us these dudes have been hard at work, developing a unique sound that, in many ways, stands in it’s own category within the Australian music landscape. Secondly, “coming a long way” can imply that the subject of discussion wasn’t any good before which couldn’t be further from the truth in The Creases’ case. To save both me the explanation of how consistent these guys have been since their humble beginnings and you the boredom of reading this explanation, I insist you have a listen to their 2014 EP Gradient and all the subsequentent singles that followed as a reference point.

From the solid percussive combination of tambourine and drums the foundation for Is It Love is laid. When I first heard that heavy drum beat I couldn’t help but think of The Stone Rosses track I Am The Resurrection. After the pace is set, the vocals gradually creep in, remaining in a bubble created by some clever production skills, only to be burst by an echoing crash that kicks the track into HD. Often neglected but difficult to ignore in this track is the baseline that isn’t necessarily buried within the Juice, but certainly rests subtly beneath the surface; rearing it’s handsome head here and there. Short sharp shreds of guitar cut through the track that, at times sound a little like an electric clap and provide the Juice with a heavier sound. As heard in their last single we frothed on, The Creases lead vocalist seems to be able to mould his pipes to suit any soundscape thrown at him by the three guys in the band. The track then welcomes what I think is a trumpet which, along with a high-pitched harmony, ads the finishing touches to the your Friday Freshy. These dudes remind us of how strong Brisbane’s music scene is but Everybody Knows that, right?    

Tremelow drops August 4th, stay woke.