Fresh Juice


By June 8, 2017 June 22nd, 2017 No Comments

If you feel like having a dance, then here, have this little ripper. This is ‘The Feeling’ the new cut from Melbourne’s Eilish Gilligan, a multi-facited, multi-talented songwriter – who you may know as the lead vocalist for Frida or as a touring member of Japanese Wallpaper. Beginning with some mid-2000’s-esque synths, Eilish gives herself space and peppers you with her gorgeously, powerful and uplifting voice. It doesn’t take long for a pulsating club beat to drill it’s way into the mix, working as a juxtaposition Gilligan’s ethereal vocals. It’s almost like it shouldn’t work, this kind of emotive and poetic songwriting just doesn’t usually fit in this space – but seriously, this works. It works real hard. Have a bit of dance and feel some shit on my behalf.

PS. What an amazing press shot. A++++++

‘The Feeling’ is out now via TEEF Recordings.