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By July 25, 2017 No Comments

A little over a month ago the word Stan was added to the Oxford dictionary. The term is a reference to Eminem’s eponymous, Dido sampled, lyrical masterpiece, and defines “an overzealous, obsessive fan of a particular celebrity.” Now labelling oneself as a Stan may be cause for some concern so perhaps I’ll reduce my level of fandom to an unhealthy obsessive; besides ‘particular celebrity’ is singular and seeing as we’re talking about The Murlocs here, perhaps it’s best I avoid the newly spawned word for all intents and purposes. Without trying to turn today’s juice into a diary entry (pardon the pun) I misplaced my wallet at Splendour In the Grass over the weekend meaning I missed The Murlocs’ set but was pleased to hear the Melbourne based quintet recently put out a track called Snake In The Grass which has eased the disappointment of my clumsy untimely blunder.

The Murlocs new album, Old Locomotive drops this Friday and due to the diversity of the singles we’ve heard so far, it’s difficult to know what to expect. Snake In The Grass has a much heavier bassline then the other 2017 teasers we’ve heard so far. The bass keeps a steady pace and is synchronised rather nicely with lead vocalist Ambrose Kenny Smith’s snakey narrative. Like all good Murlocs songs, Snake In the Grass eventually makes way for Ambrose to toss in a wailing harmonica solo to carry out the track. As a general rule of thumb in any article, essay, review etc it’s important to refer to the subject by their last name but if you consider yourself a friend rather than a fan then I guess you can become an exception to the rule. Shoutout to Alex McLaren and Sean McAnulty on the claymation too.