Fresh Juice


By February 7, 2018 No Comments

If you’re not already a fan of Ty Segall’s music, chances are you’ve heard his name thrown around. I mean, you can’t seem to go six months without hearing that Ty’s got something new in the woodworks. The relentless pace the Californian keeps must surely make some of his contemporaries mutter “fuck mate, give it a rest, you’re making it seem like we’re sitting on our arses”… Regardless of whether you like his music or not, you have to respect his approach to making music. He’s constantly pushing his sound into unfamiliar territories; fusing multiple genres together – basically just creating new and interesting music. Sometimes it falls flat, but when you’ve developed a loyal fanbase like Segall has and you’re willing to experiment with new sounds, chances are that he’s new more experimental music will create some new fans.

Today’s featured track is titled “You say all the Nice Things”. Lyrically the Juice longs for answers “Do you really want to be with me” and instrumentally the song strolls with a similar inquisitiveness. I guess you’d categorise You Say All the Nice Things as a folk rock track. If you give his most recent album, Freedom’s Goblin a listen you’re not going to find as much as distortion as you’d expect. Instead, you’ll find some really nice ballads or tracks sung in an imperfect falsetto like this one. The hardly plucked acoustic guitar strings sound a lil Neil Youngy and whilst the guitar melody does get a little repetitive, “You Say All The Nice Things” is a lovely song that shows Ty trying new things and that to me is sick.