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By March 17, 2019 No Comments

Hmmm, have we transported back to 2018. Quick look at GoogleCal, nup, it’s March 2019. So why am I writing about Tzekin’s 2018 track off of a 2018 album release? Well, it’s because I stupidly slept on the Sydney producer’s debut LP until last week. Okay, I’ll say it, I’m sorry, dedicated readers of I OH YOU, I, am, sorry. Happy now?! What are we doing again? Okay, yeah, so Tzekin has explained the record, Skyline Death, as being about the romantic moment when everything slows down during a car crash, a moment he felt when he crashed his mum’s (that needs a fact check) car, as well as showcasing the vibrant and extremely varied sounds coming out of underground electronic scenes across Asia (that defs doesn’t need a fact check). There are some brill cuts off the album, and you bet the entire thing does what it sets out to, a soundtrack to street racing, ridiculous cars, emotional club tracks and Asian influence. But, I picked the Slodown featuring slow-jam, ‘Sunset Spot’, as it is a downtempo, groove heavy R&B track that speaks directly to memories of watching the sunset in a car (amongst other things) at the top of a mountain and lost young love, and basically, that makes me think of Tokyo Drift and Need For Speed (the game, obvs). And if that isn’t a reason to listen to a track, I don’t know what is.

Skyline Death is out now via Eternal Dragonz.

Header Image by Boudist.