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To me, there was a glory era for Australian alternative music, it was the era when local bands like Mercy Arms, Ghostwood, Red Riders, Neon Love et al. were all kicking around at the same time. It was a darker side to Australian indie music, and I feel for the most part, those days are long gone (to be fair, that was like 10 years ago now). But every so often, an act or song comes along that makes me fall back into a hole of Ben Sherman shirts with buttons done up to the collar, warehouse/backyard parties and late high-school positivity of the future of humanity. Prudence and his debut single, ‘Euphoria’ is 100% of those tracks. It also makes sense that this sound has come from Tom Crandles, the man behind ‘Prudence’, a guy very well versed in the local scene, in incredible acts like Au.Ra. ‘Euphoria’ is a subdued introspective ballad of sorts, with the vocals sitting in the background of bubbling guitars and woozing synths. Although the lyrics are saying ‘I’m not getting my hopes up over this’, I implore you to very much get your hopes up over Prudence. This is special.

Prudence’s debut EP, Major Tom, is out May 10 via Forged Artefacts.

Header Image by McLean Stephenson