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By June 14, 2017 June 20th, 2017 No Comments

Wolf Alice, are back and ready to rumble. Their latest track is called Yuk Foo and if you wish to understand what this means you must unravel this spoonerism, for the answers you seek lie within this cryptic title (just switch the first letter of each word). Yes that’s right, a big Fuk Yoo is what Wolf Alice have for to all the boring people in their life and as i’m sure you juice heads know, boredom can manifest itself in many different ways. In todays Juice boredom comes in the form of being fed up with subtle sexism. In a press release, Lead singer Ellie Rowsell explained that whilst the lyrics are open to interpretation she personally is roused with all the wolf whistlers out there,  as well as being disappointed in herself for putting up with these immature antics for so long.

The backing track of Yuk Foo is as rough and rugged as the lyrics. The first time I heard Yuk Foo it didn’t take long until I thought to myself, hmm this track track would fit rather nicely on NIN’s The Downward Spiral. I feel that without the vocals, Yuk Foo would be considered a rather dark, industrial track but Rowsell’s pipes, as harsh and angry as they are, steer today’s Juice into the punkier side of alt rock. With no shortage of feedback the guitar is high-pitched, patchy and a little unnerving. It seems the brief spell has given Wolf Alice a new found ferociousness that I certainly don’t have a problem with. In fact I can definitely see myself doing a few weaves of a mosh to Yuk Foo should I be so fortunate to see them play it live one day. Will be interesting to hear what the rest of the album will sound like when it drops September 29.