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We’ve had our eye on Chance the Rapper for a while now. Since following a series of revealing interviews regarding his upbringing, opinions on the state of modern hip hop and finding his place in the scene, we were psyched to finally receive the Acid Rap mixtape. This 13-track odyssey (available for free download!) listens like a full-length album. It has a linear progression which ebbs and flows through a unique bed of instrumentals that enter typically unconventional genres from doo-wop to blues. It’s not just the beats on this mixtape that jump out, it’s the vocal style that differentiates from anything else we’ve heard recently. It’s everything from conversational tone, singing and an immersive method of using inflection to express each word in a completely different manner that makes this nothing short of a revelation. Whilst we have our favorites in ‘Lost’ and ‘Juice’, take it from us; listen to this in its entirety. You’ll thank us later.

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