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By February 7, 2017 March 2nd, 2017 No Comments

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Sydney’s Annabel Weston, aka Annie Bass, but prepare to be floored by her new single ‘Don’t Want’. Linking up with Garage supreme overlord, aka Porty, aka Chrissy Por Por (which I assume no one has ever called him before), aka Melbourne’s Christopher Port – the new jam is everything Aussie club music needs right now. With a jittering, 2-step beat backing the subdued vocal verses from Weston – ‘Don’t Want’ is your classic slow burner (classic in a good way of course). But as the warm synth lines stepping up surely, the vocals sharpen, Weston somehow manages to turn into quadruplets who can sing the finest melodies and Port really lets loose with the brilliant garage production he has been ramming into our brains for the last 12 months. With ‘Don’t Want’, Annie Bass has suddenly taken her sound from R&B-infused club centric jams to something a little darker, with a touch of serious emotional content – which in my opinion is the best kind of club music. I want to feel all of my feelings whilst nodding my head and staring at a stage.

‘Don’t Want’ is out now via all the usual streaming services.