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By March 23, 2017 No Comments

I’m not planning on keeping you long here. Because a) this has been floating around for a week; b) is huge news because of the vid’s Trump reference and most importantly; c) because this is too good for you to be wasting time reading my BS. BadBadNotGood and Kaytranada’s amazing 2016 colab instrumental, Lavender, was a complete piece of genius, not to mention a complete earworm. Come 2017, Snoop Dogg has gone and created the ‘Nightfall’ remix of it – and it’s one the finest things he’s done in a long time. Not so much a remix, as it is Snoop putting together some sinister verses over the top of this already sinister piece of music. Regardless, this is a must listen, must watch absolute jam. So go. Listen.


Get the Nightfall Remix from your usual streaming service etc.