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By March 24, 2017 April 11th, 2017 No Comments

For some, Perfume Genius is no stranger, but for those of you who haven’t heard the Seattle based glam rocker’s unique and powerful music, you’re in for a real treat. Admittedly, until earlier in the week I was among the latter cohort as Perfume Genius’ latest song Slip Away, was my first introduction to what Genius aka Mike Hadreas has to offer. Without delving into a long-winded account of Hadreas’ past life experiences (which you should definitely have a read of), it is important I provide a little context of the chosen artist as it gives todays froth that post book discovery feel. * Keep reading for the last sentence to make sense.*

Listening to Hadreas’ music is similar to the feeling you get after reading a book that has a profound affect on your emotions;  then latter discovering the story you have just read was based on true events. Before unleashing his talent, Hadreas fell victim to a number of violent homophobic attacks in his hometown and struggled against both domestic and substance abuse. With help from artists like Low and PJ Harvey, Hadreas found the strength to express his emotions through his music as many of his songs detail the tribulations he has struggled through and overcome.

Slip Away is a loud track. No matter the volume you have it turned to, the crash of drums will burst through the speakers and have you hooked for the remainder of the piece. Hadreas’ quivering voice is a strange but perfect match for the orchestral features of Slip Away and also shows Genius experimenting with new sounds. The video clip is really cool as well, as it matches the intensity of the track- visually shaping the soundscape, whilst also delivering a message that is pretty relevant to an Aussie audience right now. Have a crack below and notice how the nasty little gremlins embody the laws -and those upholding them- currently in place preventing gay marriage.

Slip Away, will feature on Perfume Genius’ fourth LP No Shape, which comes out 5th of May.