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Photo Credit: Asger Carlsen

Photo Credit: Asger Carlsen

Melbourne’s finest dance quartet Cut Copy yesterday revealed a new self-titled single and the details on the long awaited follow up to Zonoscope, their critically acclaimed third LP. Titled ‘Free Your Mind’, the album has been teased on the band’s website alongside some striking imagery for the past 6 weeks and at long last the title single is yours to stream/pre order! This track has taken a deviation from the first acid house driven single ‘Let Me Show You’, and features lead vocalist Dan Whitford presenting off-kilter vocals which, alongside a driving electronic synth bed, allow those signature organic percussion lines to punctuate as soulful piano house elements build the track up to euphoric peaks. There’s a shimmering feel to this track, the breakdowns are patient and layered and the euphoric pop hooks take us straight back to the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheater. As far as we can tell, this album is going to be a defining one for dance music in 2013, just as it’s predecessors were for their own years.

FREE YOUR MIND Tracklisting:

1. (Intro)
2. Free Your Mind
3. We Are Explorers
4. Let Me Show You Love
5. (into the desert)
6. Footsteps
7. In Memory Capsule
8. (above the city)
9. Dark Corners & Mountain Tops
10. Meet Me In A House Of Love
11. Take Me Higher
12. (the waves)
13. Walking in the Sky
14. Mantra

Cut Copy’s fourth studio LP ‘Free Your Mind’ is released on Friday November 1st through Modular Recordings. Pre-order your copy now through iTunes to recieve the single ‘Free Your Mind’ instantly


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