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By February 17, 2017 April 11th, 2017 No Comments

Elise Higgins, better known in the music world as Fait, has once again teamed up with fellow Perth based artist/visual wizard/dream catcher Matsu, to create a film clip for Reverie. The result; a truly blissful audiovisual journey that will encourage you to drift into a light daydream of positive introspective thought. Reverie is a daring exploration of shoegaze and post rock as the Kevin Shieldesque guitar riffs serve as a nice backdrop to the hi-hat heavy drumbeat that pitter-patters throughout the instrumental.

It’s rare that a film clip perfectly captures the mood of a song but Matsu is bang on with this one. The video clip feels like a dream you have every once in a while that clears your mind and puts everything in your life into perspective. I think its safe to say we will hear some new Fait soon but in the meantime have a go at this.

Reverie features on Fait’s second EP Sonder that came out in August last year and is available on all streaming services.