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By February 21, 2017 April 11th, 2017 No Comments

Marika Hackman is back! Sorry that was really lame, but the English folk/post-punk artist has returned with a new single Boyfriend, and in typical Hackman fashion, it is enigmatic, sincere and unlike anything we have heard from her in the past. Having changed direction from her dark, introspective debut album to release a Christmas themed EP last year, Hackman has continued to explore uncharted territory with Boyfriend, touching on some deep-seated societal issues and personal experience.

Whilst the backing band, The Big Moon creates the perfect soundscape, it’s Hackman’s delivery that steals the spotlight. Riddled with sarcasm and masked with an angelic voice, Hackman takes aim at entitled male douche bags that think they’re top shit. Boyfriend is comforting in the sense that it marks the return of a dynamic artist, but perhaps what is more important is Hackman expressing her concerns with the way women are often treated in a social context. Big ups to Hackman for this track and let’s hope there is more to come soon.