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By March 16, 2017 No Comments

“Oh look Hutcho (that’s me) is back with another one of his fucking lo-fi finds for I OH YOU” – look I hear you loud and clear, but also shut up here’s what I’m into today. I bring you one hell of a catchy jam from San Fran DIY solo project turned full fledged garage band, High Sunn. After a tonne of demos and DIY releases, High Sunn have dropped ‘Polaroids’, their first single from a new EP and the first after signing to London via Stockholm label PNKSLM (I hope that means PinkSlam or PunkSlum or something) who are releasing some a really diverse range of stuff right now. ‘Polaroids’ is reminiscent of all that was actually good from the garage-pop movement of the early-mid-late 2000’s, with its unpolished yelled vocals and sharp chorus – but mixed in between a melancholic dream-poppy song structure. It’s rough, but slick and any track with THAT kind of guitar line is a bonifide winner in my mind. Oh shit, did I mention the leading man is 17… wait, fuck was he born in 2000? Oh my god, I am too old for this shit.

High Sunn’s EP, Hopeless Romantic, is due May 19 via PNKSLM Recordings. (Ha, I was close, it’s Punk Slime Recordings)