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sunbeam sound machine

LISTEN: Sunbeam Sound Machine – One EP

LISTEN: Sunbeam Sound Machine – Self Titled EP

Sunbeam Sound Machine is a solo project out of Melbourne which was created by 23 year old Nick Sowersby. Having played in a number of bands around town leading up to this project, it’s easy to hear a vast array of subtle yet present influences throughout the ‘One’ and self titled EP which we feature today. The EP’s lead on from the superb lead single titled ‘Cosmic Love Affair’, and encapsulate an incredible synergy between lo-fi elements and droning guitar loops that intertwine to produce pristine dream pop which at times can throw you, before slowly drawing you back in to the warm haze. Highlights include the fast paced ‘Odd Connection’, the serene ‘Sound of Glass Breaking’ and of course ‘Cosmic Love Affair’. Following on from this truly remarkable debut, Sunbeam Sound Machine are already in full live show mode. Be sure to catch them if you can!

One/Sunbeam Sound Machine Double EP was released digitally through Dot Dash/Remote Control November 29.

You can grab the EP’s via iTunes:

Buy the ‘One EP’HERE
Buy the ‘Sunbeam Sound Machine’ EP HERE

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