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By January 23, 2017 March 2nd, 2017 No Comments

Riddle me this world: how does a producer get support slots for Seekae and George Fitzgerald without actually releasing any music? Is it because there’s not much going on in Brisbane? Or because this producer is hiding something special? In Willaris K.’s case – maybe both? (Shots fired Brisbane! Go on, @ me).

Willaris has since released his debut single, ‘Alchemy’, and it rips. If I was a DJ, I would rinse this till it was fucking sat-ur-at-ed. It’s clear he’s taken influence from some of the electronic worlds most forward thinking producers, but this one is all his own. On ‘Alchemy’ this relative newcomer tinkers with some really thoughtful, intricate beats and textures that could have easily slid from a Bonobo LP, and has built them around a beaut house beat and brooding synthesisers. As subtle as it’s packed, this is the first true club jam of 2017.

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