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Johann Ponniah’s Top 10 Albums for 2013.

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Disclaimer: I’m not good at writing about music. So please forgive me for the brief sentences about the below records, they’re much better than my words give them credit for. Give em a spin and see for yourself.

[youtube][/youtube] 1. Arctic Monkeys – AM
For a long time I felt like Arctic Monkeys had plateaued after coming out so quickly with their first record. AM hasn’t left my headphones for some time now, everything about it seems like such a huge step up for a band that was already sitting rather high. Sonically amazing. Lyrically amazing. All in all, amazing.

[youtube][/youtube] 2. King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath The Moon
Archy Marshall has for some time now been a bit of a musical obsession for me. 6 Feet Beneath The Moon is his debut LP as King Krule and delivered just about everything I could have wished from it. A great voice, those guitar tones, lyrically on point and interesting.

[youtube][/youtube] 3. Majical Cloudz – Impersonator
This would have to be the most underrated LP of 2013 in my opinion. It spent the winter with me and provided an amazing soundtrack for the colder months. Down-trodden, emotional, passionate. All the things you want from a debut LP. Great songwriting.

4. Violent Soho – Hungry Ghost

I’m not going to talk much about this record because we put it out and that would be quite self indulgent. I just think it’s fucking fantastic.

5. Kurt Vile – Walkin On A Pretty Daze

What a great record by a great songwriter. That’s pretty much all there is to say. I keep going back to this LP. How Kurt Vile manages to open an LP with a near 10min song (that I listened to on repeat constantly) is beyond me, but I’m glad he did it.

6. Savages – Silence Yourself

I’m a big fan of aggressive, forward thinking artists who force their audience to question themselves and how they think. I think Savages did this on their debut LP, a band that truly have something to say.

[youtube][/youtube] 7. Mount Kimbie – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
…they’re still ahead of so many of their peers aren’t they? I’m not good at writing about this particular genre but I do love this record.

8. Drake – Nothing Was The Same

This is in here mostly because I just love the fucking singles. Also, Drake and Sampha’s performance of ‘Too Soon’ on Fallon blew my mind.

[youtube][/youtube] 9. Disclosure – Settle
Indisputably one of the finest debut LP’s of the year. Great hooks and hits all over the fucking place.

10. World’s End Press – World’s End Press

If Majical Cloudz was the most underrated LP of 2013, then World’s End Press’ self titled debut LP is surely the most underrated Australian LP of 2013. This record is truly amazing and dance music at some if it’s finest (in my opinion).

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