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It’s that time of year again.. We’ve asked some of the extended family to share their favourite releases of 2017 on the blog over the next couple of weeks. First up, we have Sydney four-piece Body Type (who we manage via Converge Management) in the hot seat. Sophie, Georgia, Cecil and Annabel have picked some incredible local and international releases that defined their collective year in music. Dive in below.

RVG – A Quality of Mercy

A universal BT favourite, in fact maybe even a universe favourite?


Aldous Harding – Party

Also contender for Best Video Of The Year


The Ocean Party – Beauty Point

Relatable content about looking after yerself “I tried to look away from the signs, tell myself it’ll all be fine / i dragged my body right around the bend, tellin myself again and again and again…”


Mount Kimbie – Love What Survives

Mmm yes yummy motorik drum beats x Trish Keenan-esque guest features, good for long rainy road trips in the Byron hinterland


Kane Strang -Two Hearts and No Brain

This track in particular probably biggest earworm of 2017


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – “The French Press” EP

Brother band <3 <3


Spike Fuck – “The Smackwave EP”

Biggest regret of 2017: not buying a Spike Fuck tshirt at her Freda’s show


King Krule – THE OOZ

Just bought tix to his Sydney sideshow holy shit c u there


Dianas – “Leave Love” EP

Favourite band who are about to be truly massive, ~watch this space~


Sunscreen – “Just A Drop” EP

Also win award for Band We’ve Played With Most In 2017