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With only a couple more I OH YOU family members left to share their picks of 2015, what better way to see out the working year than with Violent Soho? Join us in kicking back and listening to a bunch of tunes that shaped the year for VS. There’s some curveballs, fun ones and even a few that are more serious than Wayne Bennett after losing his first NRL Grand Final. The guys had quite a finish to the year with the release of ‘Like Soda’, and 2016 promises to be jam packed and full of surprises. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Tamun Shud – The Drones
[youtube][/youtube] Folk Punk never did such a good job of not sucking. This is my song for this year because not only does it decry the complete destruction of the planet it also lambasts us all for the reason that none of us care about the end of Gareth’s island; neither his existence nor each other’s. (PS – Video of the year?)

Depreston – Courtney Barnett
[youtube][/youtube] Beautifully crafted images of suburban mundane idealism are treated with minimal yet wordy lyrics that seem classical as well as unique and (to be honest) just the result of an amazingly talented individual.

Applebee’s Bar – Spraynard
[youtube][/youtube] For me Spraynard are ideal for the bands I grew up with and/or in, except they are fucking perfect. Love this band and this opening track from their most recent LP is a sweet slice of pop punk that makes me just wanna have a mosh with my friends.

Chlorine – Title Fight
[youtube][/youtube] This band has in recent years played probably the most vital role in turning hardcore music back to its pre-Emo era spirit without coming across as some sort of cynical grungester hype magnet wannabe group. The breakdown on this track perfectly imitates the same part in Sonic Youth’s “Schizophrenia” from way back in ’87 and although it could be a case for lawyers in the 21st century, this reinvention of an aged and almost defunct musical element is what gives this track the nod from Mikey (me).

All Our Songs – Built To Spill

[youtube][/youtube] A perfectly crafted indie gem right up there with Doug Martsch’s best songs. The drumming pattern in the intro is so deceptively complex, it has this hypnotic effect that draws you right in to the whole album.

I Remember – Bully
[youtube][/youtube] Awesome lyrics and an awesome riff are all you really need. Seriously fun fucken shit!

The Black Pot – High On Fire
[youtube][/youtube] Go turn that green pot black.

Death to Invaders – The Shrine
[youtube][/youtube] Ultimate party boys have mad Cali-skate cred plus jam Thin Lizzy with Greg Ginn. The whole album is like a special reward.

River of Longing – Blank Realm

[youtube][/youtube] Awesome, awesome, awesome brisband who’ve been doing it for years do it for us all over again.

Little Town Flirt – Del Shannon
[youtube][/youtube] Totally didn’t even come out this year but.

I OH YOU: What are you looking forward to in 2016?

Violent Soho: We are looking forward to “rocking” your “socks” off next “year”. Check all newspapers and webpages on the Internet for more fantastic news on Violent Soho. Or just visit for all our personal dets.

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