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By June 1, 2017 No Comments

What do music talent shows, boy bands and Texas all have in common? You could say not a whole lot and be right, but in this particular case, Brockhampton would have scored you bonus points. Now, it’s kind of hard to analyse a group like B-hamp as a whole without mentioning that many of the rappers that make up this collective have enjoyed successful, prosperous solo careers. You may recognise members of Brockhampton by name- Matt Champion, Kevin Abstract or Dom McLennon- but these talented individuals are not our focus today.

Firstly I love groups like Brockhampton, because they’re part of a new, exciting wave of Hip-Hop. Similar to artists like Yaghty, Thug and Uzi, B-hamp are challenging the- some would say outdated- conventions of Hip-Hop and in the process of doing so, are paving the way for a new era of uncharted creative expression that is, essentially boundless. Similar to groups like OFWGKTA, B-Hamp present this kind of youth centric mentality which is exciting for young, (some) old people alike, as it’s energy is unprecedented and has a freshness to it that is totally addicting. Apologies for the rant. Today’s Juice is called Face and it’s delish.

Face is a little unsuspecting. When I first heard the hook- courtesy of Joba- I was under the impression that what followed would be an easy electronic RNB track and in a way it kind of is but there’s a lot more to it then that. I guess you could say i made the mistake of taking today’s Juice at FACE value….. sorry again. Anyway, our featured track is multifaceted in that it traverses through many different moods and tempos. The recurring theme that runs throughout is the puzzling nature of love with hints of lust and jealousy that also play their part. A big selling point for Face is the production. The beat, composed by Kiko Merley alone is enough to have me frothing not to mention Matt Champions verse. Champion pushes the tempo, altering the shape and pace of Face for a minute until he retracts leaving Joba’s recurring chorus: “Tell me what you’re waiting for”… and, well seeing as he asked, I’m waiting for more the new mixtape which drops this month.