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By May 31, 2017 No Comments

Taj Ralph has been around for a little while now, which is pretty crazy when you realise this dude is only 16 years old! Apart from reminding me how uninteresting my teenage years were, Ralph’s new track Night Catcher has dramatically improved my Wednesday and will undoubtedly give y’all a leg up over todays hump. Having earned his stripes as a nomadic busker, Ralph has taken his talent across all the hot spots in Sydney leaving an impression on many passers by. Having featured on a Horrorshow track earlier in the year and established a solid fanbase online it’s safe to assume the Night Catcher is another earnest step in the right direction.

Ralph’s latest release is a clean stripped back pop track with a some psychedelic subtleties. Clicking into gear after a leisurely guitar melody, Night Catcher picks up some pace and texture with a kick-heavy drum beat. Today juice is a nice follow up from Ralph’s last track- check out Beat the Keeper here– both possessing a nice balance of dreamy production and psych-pop. You’d think Ralph would be a little to young to be throw in the blender but as it turns out, this guy is no joke and Night Catcher makes for one tasty Juice. Hopefully there is more to come soon from Taj but in the meantime jump on your socials and supports this dude.