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By May 30, 2017 No Comments

It seems US producer Washed Out has shuffled deeper into the depths of the dance floor with his latest offering, Get Lost. Working out of of Georgia via South Carolina and known to his parents as Earnest Green, our featured artist has helped shape Chillwave into what it is today. Testing it’s limits and extending it’s boundaries, Green’s catalogue stretches back to 2009 where his track Feel It All Around is not only the theme song for Portlandia, but is also attributed as being one of the most genre defining tracks of this dreamy, nostalgic brand of electro pop. Without any further ado- because their is certainly means for more ado with this guy- let’s take a closer look at Get Lost.

Todays Juice is mellow and very accessible for those who like a basic beat to groove to. Progressing from an assorted collection of quirky samples, Get Lost’s prelude doesn’t necessarily feel estranged from Green’s previous work, but certainly lacks the familiar ambience from which Greene’s introductory samples grew from on his 2013 LP Paracosm. Low pitched, heavy piano chords paired with rather simple percussion guides today’s juice allowing plenty of space for messy sax samples and atmospheric synths to sporadically pop up and fill in the gaps. I hate to fold to the pressure of a cliche but this track is very easy to Get Lost in, so be sure to chuck on some head phones, crank the volume and enjoy the magazine-snipped, retro video.