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By June 5, 2017 No Comments

The Growlers last album City Club, saw the So Cal sweethearts take a break from their breezy brand of beach goth to unveil a poppier side of their catalogue. Whilst it received mixed reviews, overall i think it was a cool project that showed us yet another style the Cali quintet are comfortable  running with. With that said, even though today’s Fresh Juice- titled Late Bloomers- feels like a hybrid of old and new Growlers it was actually intended to feature on City Club but didn’t make the cut. 

Late Bloomers is a slow groove that delves into dubby waters. A snare-heavy drum beat, low bass line and that familiar gothic keyboard- a defining feature of the Growlers sound- sets Late Bloomers in motion. Upon this reggae-like foundation, lead Singer Brooks Nielson joins the party in with his coarse unconventional voice. Brooks is one of my favourite lyricists at the moment. Often finding a nice blend of self-deprecation, love and humour in his lyrics, Brooks’ unique knack for songwriting is unparalleled; not to mention the aesthetic of his whiskey-adorned voice that too, will only develop more character with age. As the track drifts towards the finish line, a lightly plucked guitar solo and a couple of faded harmonies put the finishing touches on the Growlers first track of the year. Let’s hope there’s more to come.