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By June 6, 2017 No Comments

The Babe Rainbow’s new, self titled LP is nostalgic, entrancing and I reckon by about mid way through the album, you’ll Fall In Love with these psych rockers. As you may have realised by now, my regular attempts at wording creative/funny puns never quite hit the spot. Besides, you know if someone says “no pun intended” or in a literary context, underlines the pun, then they’ve probably  missed the mark completely. However, analysing my humorous writing, or lack of, is not our focus here. Our focus is shinning a spotlight on Juicy tracks that aim to keep you going throughout the week and The Babe Rainbow’s new track, Fall In Love most certainly qualifies within this category. Hailing from Northern NSW, these dudes have been around for a couple of years now releasing a single here and EP there, so it’s nice to see a full length project come to fruition. Laced with psych/ surf rock tracks and a versatile collection of songs TBR’s new LP is sure to keep you warm throughout the winter.   

Fall in Love has a rather peculiar structure. Traversing through strange snippets of experimental territory, The Babe Rainbow have created a timeless tune that possesses similar traits of a couple of bands you may or may not know.… The vocals sound a little Beatly, the soundscape, has a bit of a Doorsy vibe and at times, TBR touches on elements of The Brian Jonestown Massacre with the trippy watery groove that shines through. A quirky interlude of a conversation between a baby and, assumably a mother, cuts through the middle of the track (Doors reference), breaking the psychedelic rhythm in two. A low humming synth grounds the Juice, steering it away from a full blown funk track thus guiding it towards a more entrancing realm of psychedelia. TBR will be kicking off their tour later this month, be sure to check these dudes out if they’re playing near you. Dates/track below.

Thursday July 20 | The Northern, Byron Bay NSW
Friday July 28 | Babushka, Perth WA
Saturday July 29 | Clancy’s, Fremantle WA
Friday August 4 | The Curtin, Melbourne VIC
Friday August 11 | The Foundry, Brisbane QLD
Saturday August 12 | The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney NSW