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By July 7, 2018 No Comments

I shouldn’t play favourites I know, but after letting Charli XCX’s latest two-track release rest for a few days, I am struggling to switch over from ‘Focus’ to ‘No Angel’ – therefore I can make no better assessment than it’s the better of the two songs. With ‘that’ sharp beat, the track feels more like Charli’s reciting an military chant, with her repetitive flow quickly becoming hypnotising. But with the help of A.G Cook and SOPHIE, this hypnotising future-military-pop is continually the strongest pop music dropping. I’ve said it before (to myself), and I’ll say it again, Charli XCX, SOPHIE, A.G Cook (and just PC Music in general) are the most important things in pop right now. Can you imagine if all pop music sounded like this? It’d be like experiencing Y2K again. And I am ready for 2000 v.2.

Focus / No Angel is out now.