Fresh Juice


By July 11, 2018 No Comments

Well, you look like someone who would enjoy one hell of an abrasive ride of a track! Why don’t you sit down, throw on some high quality headphones and tune into the headfuck that is No Mono’s latest gem, ‘Fever Highs’. I just don’t know how anyone could have expected to hear such a bass heavy and dark production to come from Tom Iansek and Tom Snowdon, it’s so meaty, it’s hard on first listen to break through. But I implore you to, I really do, as the juxtaposition of Snowdon’s falsetto in the ‘chorus’ (I guess it’s the chorus), is properly phenomenal. It really amps up the raw beauty disguised in it’s cloak of fucked up dark production.

‘Fever Highs’ is out now via Pieater.

Photo Credit: Jeff Andersen Jnr.