Fresh Juice


By July 6, 2018 No Comments

A little over a week ago, Melbourne artist Will Fletcher released his debut single ‘Cable Car’ under the name, Murmurmur and let’s not beat around the bush here – it’s fucking brilliant. Normally it takes a band an ep or two to produce a song this tight but Murmurmur seemed to have skipped the teething process, delivering a humdinger right off the bat. Now, if you want to be one of those annoying people who say things like “Yea man, I was listening to Murmurmur from the very beginning, I like pretty much showed everyone their music” than I strongly suggest you familiarise yourself with Murmumur now and start spreading the good word.

There are a lot of things I like about Cable Car but I won’t bore you with every detail… Just a few. I like the subtle bass line that pulsates discreetly beneath the surface and how well it works with the cerebral synth melody you hear at the beginning of the track. I also like how the brash vocal delivery holds it’s own against the ever-expanding Pond-esque soundscape. But what enjoy most about Cable Car are the arrangements – more specifically the drums. The rhythm is so perfectly tailored to suit the rest of the track. The beat is so irregular but somehow manages to be the most impressive part of today’s Juice. Murmurmur have cultivated a mesmerising sound in Cable Car and I can’t wait to see what else these guys have in store for us.