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By November 26, 2018 No Comments

On first listen it was the guitar line that bobbled in and out of Clementine Creevy’s airy vocals. On second listen, it was the line ‘Who should I fuck daddi? Is it you? Is it you? Is it you?’. And on the 5000th listen, it’s the dark nature of the lyrics, the earnestness of lines like ‘Smoking makes me taste like metal. To keep you away’; the fact that the track feels like the smothering nature of being a women in a society run by disgusting men around every corner that sucked me in. (As a straight, white male, I’d like to note that I have no real fucking idea of what it is truly like to be a woman). Although the opening lines of Cherry Glazerr’s new single, ‘Daddi’ roll off Creevy’s tongue laced in heavy sarcasm towards the ‘daddi’ character of this story, and you can’t help enjoy it in a lighthearted way. The more you listen, the more you realise this is less of a protest song, and more of an observation of life. And the mundane fucked up nature of it. When all of this is wrapped in a totally infectious piece of songwriting, it makes for a properly captivating listen. Oh boy, looks like we have a late contender for track of 2018.

Cherry Glazerr’s new LP, Stuffed & Ready, is out Feb 1 via Secret Canadian.