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By May 25, 2018 No Comments

Dammit Courtney! Why do you insist on creating such wholesome albums?! Don’t you realise how difficult it makes it for bloggers adhering to ‘a song a day’ structure to single out one track for review!? If, in the last week you’ve scrolled through your socials, read a newspaper, listened to the radio or surfed your chosen streaming service, you’ll know that the queen of Australian indie rock, Courtney Barnett is back. Exactly a week old, Tell Me How You Really Feel is a comforting reminder that one of Australia’s best songwriter’s is still on top of her game. Whilst all 10 tracks are worthy of a squeeze today, we’ll be ‘avin a go at the opening track on the album. Hopefulessness.

Hopefulessness summons intense emotions so find a nice comfy couch, some quality speakers and really dig your heels into this bad-boi. From the opening riff, you can feel the angst and vulnerability oozin out. The drool of an untuned guitar slowly takes shape and seamlessly morphs into a simple, melancholic riff which loops for the duration of the song. Hopefulessness works itself into a frenzy of electric shrieks, heavy bass lines and restless drum fills. Welcome back Court!