By February 25, 2019 No Comments

I guess 2019 is the year I just keep starting articles by saying “I wouldn’t normally be into this but…” BUT seriously I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a Dillon Francis track for more that like 35 seconds ( just did some digging, and yep, he has got some Stereosonic level shit in his wheelhouse). So this new colab with cali-local, Cuco, is unnervingly good. Francis’ production is stripped right back (and feels a lot like the kind of production you’d expect from Cuco anyway), leaving a slow moving, warm mix of synths and scattered hip-hop beats for the 20-y.o to just float on. Cuco has been havin’ his moment over the last 12 months (which is huge considering he went through a hectic car crash last year), with his cute/slacker boy delivery of love songs. This is another example of it, a track that speaks about a lonely boy, a toy who breaks too much. Is it a bit… too much? Maybe, but it’s another bop, and I’m here for it / other 2019 catchphrases I can’t think of right now.

‘Fix Me’ is out now.