Fresh Juice


By March 1, 2019 No Comments

I don’t know if it’s well known knowledge, but all new music (is supposed to, at least) drop on a Friday, which is why a) things like New Music Friday and Release Radar etc are so big on Spotify, and also why Aussies get new records earlier than the U.S. on streaming services (exc. today’s Solange release – ooof, that’s soooo hot btw). Every so often though, you come across a new drop on Spotti that is a perfect Friday track. And that’s exactly what this new colab between up and coming Sydney humans, George Michelle & Gauci is. I’ve spoken (read: written) of GAUCI before, and George Michelle is extremely new to me (a quick dig tells me he’s got a real bright future ahead of him), but all you need to know is that ‘Here Right Now’ sounds like a cross between a 90s emotional pop club crossover hit and a really good late-2000s remix of a indie jam. And let’s be real, that was the golden era of dance music.

‘Here Right Now’ is out now via etcetc.