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By March 2, 2019 No Comments
Stella Donnelly Tricks

Move over everyone else, Stella Donnelly is here. It’s Stella season. The West Aussie’s fantastic new track ‘Tricks’ arrives just a week out from the release of her debut album, Beware of the Dogs. She’s already generously released two other singles from the record, the viciously catchy ‘Old Man’ and the breezy ballad ‘Lunch’. But this one may just be the best yet.

‘Tricks’ sees Stella taking aim at the yobbo Aussies who reckon it’s the feminists that need to change their tune. In the beautifully melodic chorus, Stella sings: “You only like me when I do my tricks for you / You wear me out like you wear that Southern Cross tattoo / You said I’d look much better if I dropped the attitude.” Goodness me, the way she effortlessly purrs about Southern Cross tattoos almost makes me want to go out and get inked. Almost.

It’s pretty unfair that Stella has dropped this gem just as Autumn has begun because it would’ve been the perfect soundtrack to Summer. It could’ve been a Stella Summer. Anyway, I’ll forgive her as it’s so dope.

Stream ‘Tricks’ below. The debut album from Stella Donnelly is available via tastemakers Secretly Canadian. Buy it here.