Fresh Juice


By July 10, 2017 No Comments

It’s been over a decade since Cut Copy dropped Bright Like Neon Love and today’s featured track proves these dudes still have Juice in the tank. Now I think it’s fair to say Cut Copy’s authentic take on synth pop really set a new standard in Aus pop music. These dudes have enjoyed International success, toured the world multiple times and have already cemented their legacy with countless hits/dope albums. Today’s CC feature is the first single we’ve heard from the Melbourne based four piece in four years which not only keeps the fans and critics alike at bay but is the first taste of a new LP which is due out later in the year.

As mentioned earlier these dudes are pioneers in the realm of pop music so seeing as they’ve developed a winning a formula, they only need tweak their existing recipe with new melodies and lyrics and a Fresh Juice is born. Now it wouldn’t surprise me if die hard CC fans would be offended by the fact that my favourite element of Copy’s music is the vocals but that’s just me being honest. Of course the synth centred grooves, disco riffs and general production are what these dudes are best known for but it’s Dan Whitford’s unlikely melancholic vocals that fit so perfectly on every track that I fuck with the most. Glistening with harmonies, a catchy guitar jam and a few nicely placed sound effects that trickle throughout the track, Cut Copy have broken their silence in style. This infectious ear-worm is airborne so either mask up or get amongst it.