Fresh Juice


By July 11, 2017 No Comments

Deutschland producer, Mazde has returned to the soundwaves with a new track titled Fading Out and it’s a banger! Many musicians are lucky in that they posses a natural talent and or passion for their chosen craft and through tireless efforts and sleepless nights, they’re able to develop a kinaesthetic sense for their chosen practice. With that said some chose to get a head start on the creative process and explore their passions early which is most certainly the case with Mazde. Known to his parents and close fans as Matthis Dierkes, this dude began his musical endeavours when he was just six years old studying classical and jazz composition. Now if you’re an aspiring artist, dont be disheartened, some people are just nuts.

Mazde’s latest offering is a cosmic, emotive journey that I must say, is rather difficult to comprehend. What i mean by that is the first time that I heard Fading Out, i didn’t really know whether i should be syncing my movements to the spacious synth driven soundscape or whether i should simply chill on the couch, so as not to miss a moment of the euphoric track. After giving the Juice a few spins, I realised that either choice would have surprised. Grounded by some crashing drums and siren-like samples, Mazde has created the perfect remedy for a shitty day like Tuesday. Teaming up with one half of Melbourne based duo Kult Kiss in Rromarin, todays Juice is provocative and proves to be the perfect platform for Rromarin to show off her impossible range. Soaring to astronomical heights and then descending to layer some really moving harmonies that echo in the background Rromarin and Mazde certainly make a lasting impression on the listener before the track fades out into the abyss.