Fresh Juice


By July 7, 2017 No Comments

If this week gone has been intense and you need a minute- or four minutes and twenty three seconds- to regain some composure then Moses Sumney’s latest track ought to sought you out. Making a name for himself back in 2014 with a string of hot tracks, Sumney has found comfort nestled somewhere between folk and soul. This Californian native has teamed up with some pretty big names in Solange and James Black to name two, but it’s his solo endeavours that I vibe with the most. The track is called Doomed and it’s your Friday Freshy.

With a Moses Sumney song you really don’t need a whole lot other than vocals; I mean yea other instruments play their part but his voice alone is enough to have you on your knees. Doomed is spacious, ominous and to be frank, a little heartbreaking. Lyrics suggest Sumney is traversing his way through a through an existential crisis: when I expel/From this mortal shell/Will I die for living numb? Heavy stuff. Doomed gradually builds momentum till it reaches boiling point with a remarkable wall of sound created by a synth and Sumney’s pipes. When listening to this bad boy be sure to listen carefully and see if count the amount of different keys Sumney vocal range can reach. Welcome to 2017 M-Sumskies.