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If you are like me, you’ll think these two things a few times a week. 1. Why does Coca-Cola not bring L&P over from New Zealand to Australia on a mass level? It’s an a++++ drink. and 2. When is Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs going to release some god damn new music? Unfortunately I have no answer for either of those questions. BUT, I do however, have a brand new mix from the latter (but who else could have I been talking about?) – and it includes “a bunch of remixes” TEED made “just for this” mix… So with no real word at all on new TEED originals, this is about as good as it gets. And it is good though, it’s very good. Over the course of 111 minutes, you’ll be treated to plenty of grooves, italo-disco, regular disco, funk, house, tech etc etc etc etc. The fact there is so much in here is a testament to the influences TEED takes into his music, he’s always said he’d never be one to stick to a genre – and this is evidence of that. Who knows what is actually in this mix, but take a bite… and wash it down with some L&P. Fuck I want an L&P now.